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    Stimulus–Response Compatibility During Fighting Task Simulation: Influences of the Opponent’s Spatial Codes on the Accuracy and Response Time
    (Human Kinetics Publishers Inc., 2023) de Moura, Andreza Abreus; Mataruna-Dos-Santos, Leonardo Jose; Conde, Erick Francisco Quintas
    Manual Reaction Time measures have been widely used to study interactions between perceptual, cognitive, and motor functions. The Stimulus–Response Compatibility is a phenomenon characterized through faster Manual Reaction Times when stimuli and response locations coincide (correspondent condition) than when they are on different sides (noncorrespondent condition). The present study adapted a protocol to study if the Stimulus–Response Compatibility effect can be detected during a virtual combat simulation. Twenty-seven participants were instructed to defend themselves by clicking a key in order to block the presented punch. Videos of two fighters were used, granting two types of basic strokes: the back fist, a punch performed with the dorsal part of the fighter’s hand, starting at the opposite side to which it is directed; and the hook punch, performed with a clenched fist starting and finishing ipsilaterally. The Manual Reaction Times were different between the correspondent and noncorrespondent conditions, F(1, 26) = 9.925; p < .004; η2 = .276, with an Stimulus–Response Compatibility effect of 72 ms. Errors were also different, F(1, 26) = 23.199; p < .001; η2 = .472, between the correspondent (13%) and the noncorrespondent conditions (23%). The study concluded that spatial codes presented at the beginning of the punch movement perception substantially influenced the response execution.
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    Effects of home confinement on physical activity, nutrition, and sleep quality during the COVID-19 outbreak in amateur and elite athletes
    (Frontiers Media S.A., 2023) Taheri, Morteza; Irandoust, Kadijeh; Reynoso-Sánchez, Luis Felipe; Muñoz-Helú, Hussein; Cruz-Morales, Karla Noelia; Torres-Ramírez, Raymundo; Mirmoezzi, Masoud; Youzbashi, Leila; Mirakhori, Fatemeh; Dergaa, Ismail; Vancini, Rodrigo Luiz; Mataruna-Dos-Santos, Leonardo Jose; Zazueta-Beltrán, Diana Korinna; Zouhal, Hassane; Morales-Beltrán, Roxana Abril; Soylu, Yusuf; Molgado-Sifuentes, Amairani; González-Hernández, Juan; Hernández-Cruz, Germán; Castro, Luis Bernardo Bojorquez; Kurt, Cem; Trabelsi, Khaled; Chtourou, Hamdi; Seghatoleslami, Ali; López-Camacho, Manuel Octavio; Mendoza-Baldenebro, Ramón Ernesto; Torabi, Farnaz; Saad, Helmi Ben; Washif, Jad Adrian; Strahler, Jana; Guimarães-Mataruna, Andressa Fontes; Lebaron, Tyler W.; Ezdini, Ebrahim Shaabani; Rezaei, Marjan Sadat; Moshtagh, Mozhgan; Yagin, Fatma Hilal; Gülü, Mehmet; Esmaeili, Atefeh; Müller, Patrick; Ammar, Achraf; Scoditti, Egeria; Garbarino, Sergio; Puce, Luca; Bragazzi, Nicola Luigi; Nobari, Hadi
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    The relationship between sports teacher – coach role conflict and self-efficacy with the mediating role of sports goal orientation
    (Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa, 2023) Ghayebzadeh, Shahrouz; Konukman, Ferman; Vodičar, Janez; Rezazadeh, Hojjat; Eslami, Saeed; Silva, Carlos Alberto Figueiredo Da; Mataruna-Dos-Santos, Leonardo
    Teaching and coaching are two different occupational roles and the responsibilities of teachers and sports coaches can be distinguished from each other. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between the role of teacher-coach in sports and self-efficacy with the mediating role of sports goal orientation. This study used descriptive-correlational research. The appropriateness of the measurement model was tested by confirmatory factor analysis. Research data were obtained from 36 physical education teachers through a questionnaire. For data analysis, statistical methods of correlation test and bivariate regression using SPSS-22 and AMOS software were used. The conflict between the roles of sports teacher-coach with the presence of the mediating variable of sports goal orientation indicated a positive and significant effect on self-efficacy. Sports goal orientation also had a positive and direct effect on self-efficacy. The results of the present study displayed a comprehensive view. Accordingly, physical education teachers who have an intermediate role (teacher-centered and coach-centered) showed high self-efficacy and sports goal-orientation. The findings of this study offered valuable information to improve the quality of learning and teaching for sport coaches and physical education teachers.
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    Resilience, sport and social projects
    (Equalitas, 2023) Monteiro, Luciana B. V. de Resende Hersen; Osborne, Renata; Araújo, Carla Isabel Paula da Rocha; Mataruna-Dos-Santos, Leonardo Jose; Silva, Carlos Alberto Figueiredo da
    This study investigates the contributions of sports social projects (SSP), the student's body image development, and resilience through sport. This work is a narrative review of the literature. Resilience is also a new topic that needs further study. The issue of resilience in SSP is even lower, with a large gap. The findings show that SSP provides benefits thanks to regular sports practice and collaboration in forming students. However, there is also a “shadow side of the sport”, showing that many SSPs are palliative, as they have shallow and unclear goals. For a better analysis of the contribution of SSP and the development of resilience, more studies related to these themes are needed because the material found is still tiny. Even so, this article presents the most used concepts related to these themes, trying to contribute to a more significant discussion. Many youths assisted by the SSP are socially vulnerable subjects who suffer traumas daily linked to their social and cultural conditions. However, they can escape the immobilization caused by these traumas and overcome these adversities by re-signifying their image body. Hence, there is a need for a reaction potential, a process known as resilience. Thus, SSP can be essential in promoting their students' resilience, as they are a foundation for overcoming adversities.
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    Atuação de profissionais do exercício nas práticas integrativas e complementares em oncologia: uma análise da gestão dos serviços
    (Equalitas, 2022) Silva, Vinícius José Costa Linhares da; Mataruna dos Santos, Leonardo Jose