Review on social sports projects in Brazil: Review update, qualitative methanalysis and research gap perception

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Federacion Espanola de Docentes de Educacion Fisica
Brazil is a country of great social inequalities, and both sports and social projects are credited as potential modifiers of these realities. Based on this principle, this study seeks to understand how social sports projects were studied, planned, and evaluated, based on the scientific literature. A review with characteristics of qualitative meta-analysis was carried out in the Portal of Periodicals of CAPES with the descriptors 'project'; 'sports'; and 'social'; and after the inclusion of only peer-reviewed journals, analysis of titles and abstracts, and consequent exclusion of articles that did not specifically deal with sports projects of a social nature, a total of nine articles were reached for full reading. The most relevant themes for the research objective were "social vulnerabilities", the "diversity of methodologies used to obtain the results", and "gaps found in the discussions/omissions about the methodologies worked and evaluations of the declared objectives". It is concluded from the results of the participants' speeches that those spaces are valuable, due to the offer of different experiences than the harshness found in the daily life of the peripheral spaces to which they lived. However, it is believed that there are ways pointed out in the literature to plan, execute, and evaluate the effects on the life world of these young people more effectively. It is intended that this review can serve as a basis for future studies that seek to make empirical analyzes in other social sports projects, due to the quality perceived in the methodological approach of the articles. © Copyright: Federación Española de Asociaciones de Docentes de Educación Física (FEADEF).
This article is licensed under Creative Commons License and full text is openly accessible in CUD Digital Repository. The version of the scholarly record of this article is published in Retos (2022), available online at:
Social inclusion, Social projects, Sport
Perovano-Camargo, L., Mataruna-Dos-Santos, L. J., & Da Silva, O. G. T. (2022). Review on social sports projects in brazil: Review update, qualitative methanalysis and research gap perception. [Revisão sobre projetos sociais esportivos no Brasil: atualização de revisão, metanálise qualitativa e percepção de lacuna de pesquisa] Retos, 46, 24-35.