Resilience, sport and social projects

Monteiro, Luciana B. V. de Resende Hersen
Osborne, Renata
Araújo, Carla Isabel Paula da Rocha
Mataruna-Dos-Santos, Leonardo Jose
Silva, Carlos Alberto Figueiredo da
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This study investigates the contributions of sports social projects (SSP), the student's body image development, and resilience through sport. This work is a narrative review of the literature. Resilience is also a new topic that needs further study. The issue of resilience in SSP is even lower, with a large gap. The findings show that SSP provides benefits thanks to regular sports practice and collaboration in forming students. However, there is also a “shadow side of the sport”, showing that many SSPs are palliative, as they have shallow and unclear goals. For a better analysis of the contribution of SSP and the development of resilience, more studies related to these themes are needed because the material found is still tiny. Even so, this article presents the most used concepts related to these themes, trying to contribute to a more significant discussion. Many youths assisted by the SSP are socially vulnerable subjects who suffer traumas daily linked to their social and cultural conditions. However, they can escape the immobilization caused by these traumas and overcome these adversities by re-signifying their image body. Hence, there is a need for a reaction potential, a process known as resilience. Thus, SSP can be essential in promoting their students' resilience, as they are a foundation for overcoming adversities.
Social sports project , Resilience , Sport educational
Monteiro, L.B.V.R.H., Osborne, R., Araújo, C.I.P.R., Mataruna-Dos-Santos, L.J. & Silva, C.A.F. (2023). Resilience, sport and social projects. Intercontinental Journal on Physical Education 5(1), e2020040,