Performance analysis of the cultural and creative industry : a network-based approach

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The cultural and creative industries (CCIs) in Taiwan have gradually contributed to the national economy under the impetus of government policies. We employ a two-stage data envelopment analysis model with an additive efficiency decomposition approach to measure the profitability and marketability of 22 Taiwanese cultural and creative companies. Furthermore, we employ the network-based ranking approach to identify benchmark inputs/outputs, and the strengths and weakness of each company. Our empirical results show that the profitability of the cultural and creative companies is better than their marketability. Companies in the industries of publishing, creative life, popular music, and cultural content averagely perform better than those in the other three types of CCIs in terms of profitability. Companies in the creative life industry are on average more efficient than those in the other five types of CCIs in terms of marketability. The profitability/marketability matrix of cultural and creative companies is also presented. © 2018 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
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Commerce, Data envelopment analysis, Cultural and creative industries, Cultural content, Data envelopment analysis models, Efficiency decomposition, Marketability, National economy, Network-based approach, Performance analysi, Profitability
Lu, W.-M., Kweh, Q. L., He, D.-S., & Shih, J.-M. (2017). Performance analysis of the cultural and creative industry: a network-based approach. Naval Research Logistics, 64(8), 662–676.