Comparative Analysis of the Awareness of the Cervical Cancer in the UAE Among Working Women, Female Players, and Household Ladies

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A vital component of female health-promoting activities is education. The public awareness was given to households, working women, players, and students around the United Arab Emirates about cervical cancer. The campaigns were conducted to educate about the potential prognoses and the diagnosis of the disease, which is the cent percent curable. This study aims to understand the degree of awareness among women about cervical cancer in UAE, and what are the factors contribute to the seriousness of taking preventive measures among working woman, female players, students, and household ladies. Despite the extensive mass campaigns targeted at women, encouraging them to do ‘screening test’ as a preventive action, the global studies show a high mortality rate for women due to this disease. The data was collected through a survey designed for this research, to support triangulation in analysis from more than 1500 female respondents, in the age ranging between 18 and above. Semi-structured interviews were conducted from the selected respondents to further understand the nature of the case. The results of the analysis provided evidence that the general level of awareness exists among all groups of women, whereas the knowledge of risk factors and methods of preventing cervical cancer varies to some degree among the female population. The study guides us to the extent, government and institutional intervention are essentially required to increase the awareness level to the specific strata of the female population in UAE. The main challenges faced by researcher was the unavailability of enough research in the context of working women in UAE, and the cultural bottleneck which stop women to speak openly on this subject. These challenges were overcome by collecting primary data after meeting in person to the subjects. This was quite helpful in the hypothesizing the framework for future research.
This article is not available at CUD collection. The version of scholarly record of this article is published in International Journal on Emerging Technologies (2020), available online at:,%20Female%20Players,%20and%20Household%20Ladies-3338-%20Leonardo%20Jose%20Mataruna-Dos-Santos.pdf
Women's health, Cervical cancer, Preventive medicine, Prophylactic, Public health
Skibinska, E., Mataruna-Dos-Santos, L. J., & Azeem, M. (2020). Comparative Analysis of the Awareness of the Cervical Cancer in the UAE Among Working Women, Female Players, and Household Ladies. International Journal on Emerging Technologies, 11(5): 693-699.,%20Female%20Players,%20and%20Household%20Ladies-3338-%20Leonardo%20Jose%20Mataruna-Dos-Santos.pdf