Online reputation management in Spanish cancer patients' associations: a proposal model

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Universidad de Alicante
Cancer patients' associations have become valid public health players because they help patients to face this disease from physical, emotional and social perspectives. Some of these associations resort to social media platforms not only to improve their relationships with patients, but also to promote their own brand. This paper seeks to understand how Spanish cancer patients' associations manage their social media platforms to promote their brand. To do that, we conducted a literature review about health communication; we considered 48 indicators to analyze how 107 associations belonging to the Spanish Group of Cancer Patients (Gepac) managed Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and their corporate website for branding initiatives; and we proposed a communication model for branding cancer patients' associations on these platforms (MedPac Model). We concluded that Spanish cancer patients' associations prioritize medical information but not brand-related elements, they lack the economic and human resources to produce a quality content, and they have not yet implemented a true corporate communication approach. © 2022 Pablo Medina-Aguerrebere, Toni Gonzalez-Pacanowski, Eva Medina.
Brand, Cancer Patients' Associations, Corporate Communication, Reputation, Social Media
Medina Aguerrebere, P., González-Pacanowski, A., & Medina, E. (2022). Online reputation management in Spanish cancer patients’ associations: a proposal model. Revista Mediterranea de Comunicacion, 13(2), 317-335.