1BThe Application of Strategic Foresight in Women's Entrepreneurship Development

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Institute of Economic Sciences
Strategic vision guides governments and societies to overcome gender biases to extol entrepreneurship and achieve targeted business performance. In order to change women's entrepreneurship in societies, strategic foresight is one of the most important resources to be utilized. Strategic foresight offers relevant solutions to these changes for achieving socio-economic benefits and creating sustainable value. Although several studies have been conducted on women's entrepreneurship, identification of its influential factors, and their effect, none has yet studied how strategic foresight can play a role in developing women's entrepreneurship in different countries. Therefore, this study aims to explore the relationship between strategic foresight and female entrepreneurship. The purpose of this study is to examine the link between women's entrepreneurship and strategic foresight capabilities by reviewing relevant literature and background theories. The dimensions of the framework were verified quantitatively using a Delphi research process, SPSS software, and analysis of the gathered questionnaires. The results show that strategic foresight significantly affects women's entrepreneurship through business sustainability. © 2023, Institute of Economic Sciences. All rights reserved.
business sustainability, strategic foresight, women's entrepreneurship, women's network
Salamzadeh, A., Rezaei, H., Hadizadeh, M., Yasin, N., & Ansari, G. (2023). The Application of Strategic Foresight in Women's Entrepreneurship Development. Journal Women's Entrepreneurship and Education, 16-36. https://doi.org/10.28934/jwee23.pp16-36