The military paralympic sport in brazil: a search for peace = O desporto paralímpico militar no brasil: uma busca pela paz

Haiachi, Marcelo de Castro
de Ávila, Erik Bueno
de Oliveira, Ailton Fernando Santana
Nóbrega, Luiz Fernando Medeiros
de Souza, Osvaldo Raimundo Pinheiro
da Silva, Vinicius Jose Costa Linhares
Rezende, Marcelo Vinicius Costa
Helú, Hussein Muñoz
Al Blooshi, Mohammed
Neto, Silvestre Cirilo dos Santos
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Academia Olimpica de Portugal
The rise in the number of disabled soldiers who were wounded in action motivated several military forces to develop rehabilitation and social reintegration programs through sports. The United States of America was the pioneer in creating programs such as Wounded Warriors in 2003 and the Paralympic Military Program in 2008. Canada, Great Britain, and Australia followed their path with the programs Soldier On, Battle Back, and Australian Defence Force Paralympic Sport Program (BRITAIN, 2012). Despite the fact it is not directly involved in any international armed conflict, the Brazilian Ministry of Defence moved forward in this same direction, editing the normative regulation n. 956, which started Projeto João do Pulo (BRASIL, 2015) to value and integrate through sports soldiers who were left disabled throughout their career. The presence of the Armed Forces in the Brazilian paralympic movement is not a novelty given that military athletes of auxiliary forces from several states in the country already participated in international and national competitions representing the nation on other occasions. This present article alerts to the need for valuing disabled soldiers who find in sports the peace necessary to move on with their lives.
This book chapter is not available at CUD collection. The version of scholarly record of this book chapter is published in Olympism and Peace = Olimpismo e Paz (2021), available online at:
military sports , sports for peace , the military
Haiachi, M.D.C., de Ávila, E.B., de Oliveira, A.F.S., Nóbrega, L.F.M., de Souza, O.R.P., da Silva, V.J.C.L. . . . Mataruna-Dos-Santos, L.J. (2021). The military paralympic sport in brazil: a search for peace = O desporto paralímpico militar no brasil: uma busca pela paz. In L.J. Mataruna-Dos-Santos & T. Viegas (Eds.), Olympism and Peace = Olimpismo e Paz (pp. 169-175). Lisbon: Academia Olimpica de Portugal.