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Design and Implementation of Cadastral Geo-spatial IoT Network Gateway Analyzer for Urban Scale Infrastructure Health Monitoring 1192
OFDM with parity bit selected block spreading 1076
3D visualization of a timber frame historic building : Partite usage and its impact on the structural system 1072
Dynamic energy based text-in-speech spectrum hiding using speech masking properties 1036
Are key market players in currency derivatives markets affected by financial conditions? 1034
A 3G/WiFi-enabled 6LoWPAN-based U-healthcare system for ubiquitous real-time monitoring and data logging 1033
A model-checking approach for the verification of CARE usability properties for multimodal user interfaces 1032
Web-based engine for program curriculum designers 1027
Time based generation signal for UWB over fiber 1027
A modal logic for the CARE usability properties for multimodal user interfaces 1026