The Dubai Dream: A Case Study of Nabi Café in the Emirate of Dubai

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Nowadays, female entrepreneurs are recognized as a fast-growing category of entrepreneurship, aggravated many researchers/academics' attention. Women can create an outstanding contribution to entrepreneurial activity, leading to economic development through making new job opportunities available, GDP rise, as well as positively impacting poverty. Nonetheless, women's participation in the business industry is remarkably lower than men's as it's reported that in UAE, males are more probably to be established entrepreneurs at 7% compared to female established entrepreneurs at 0.9%. Those findings suggest that males generally would be at a higher rate of entrepreneurship and more likely to be business owners beyond the start-up levels. In this case study, we will be discussing the complications that female entrepreneurs face instantly and provide the methods of dealing with these complications by reviewing the in-depth interview in cooperation with Nabaa Kamal owner of Nabi Café, walking us through its success journey. Although the case study would not cover all aspects of the problematic issues, it still provides a decent account of the perspectives and steps that can positively influence young females in UAE towards entrepreneurship.
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Kenawy, F., Gilani, S., Yasin, N., Sergio, R. & Askri, S. (2022). The Dubai Dream: A Case Study of Nabi Café in the Emirate of Dubai. The Case Centre Case-Reference no. 822-0106-1