University lecturers acceptance of moodle platform in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Purpose: This study aimed at determining factors which affect university lecturers’ adoption of the Moodle platform under the conditions of COVID-19. In considering the condition of the COVID-19 pandemic, the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) model was applied and extended by adding two additional variables of learning demand and time pressure to assess their influence on Moodle platform adoption. Design/methodology/approach: Data were obtained from the 226 participants through an online structured questionnaire. The covariance-based approach of structural equation modeling was used to examine the proposed model. The structural model was tested using the maximum likelihood method of analysis of a moment structures to analyze the study’s hypotheses. Findings: Results suggest that performance expectations have a substantial influence on behavioral intent. The effort expectancy, social effect and facilitative factors have no effects on behavioral intentions. Facilitating conditions directly and significantly affect the actual use of Moodle. The results also reveal that learning demands, which is a salient predictor of perceived time pressure, in turn directly and significantly affects the actual use of Moodle. Finally, the behavioral intention has a strong influence on Moodle’s actual usage. Originality/value: Although the UTAUT 2 model is considered to be a new and updated version of UTAUT, it has not been used since newly added variables, namely, price, habit and hedonic motivations, are less related to the context and to avoid respondents’ paradox. Moreover, using the Moodle platform in the researched context is compulsory for both students and instructors. Discussion, insights, limitations and recommendations for future studies are suggested. © 2022, Emerald Publishing Limited.
COVID-19, E-learning, Learning demand, Moodle, Time pressure, UTAUT
Taamneh, A., Alsaad, A., Elrehail, H., Al-Okaily, M., Lutfi, A., & Sergio, R. P. (2023). University lecturers acceptance of Moodle platform in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication, 72(6-7), 666-684.