Branding heritage tourism in Dubai: A qualitative study

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Akdeniz University Publishing House
This qualitative paper explores tourism branding for Dubai to develop brand differentiation based on factors influencing heritage tourism. Data was collected through direct interviews with relevant tourists and tourism experts. The paradigm of critical realism was adapted to analyze the data with thematic analysis by extracting related themes. Five emerging themes have been identified: perception of brand authenticity in heritage tourism, Dubai’s tourism offerings, heritage branding, marketing suggestions, and heritage tourism valorization. Research outcomes present a strategy for brand marketing Emirati heritage tourism as new strategic advances in tourism management. Practical implications suggest that heritage tourism can achieve brand differentiation among heritage tourism destinations by leveraging authenticity and modernity. This paper contributes to the theory of tourism marketing and management, with the unique case of branding Dubai as part of UAE heritage tourism, by adopting brand communication, brand identity, brand positioning, and brand personality strategies. © 2021 Akdeniz University Publishing House. All rights reserved.
This article is not available at CUD collection. The version of scholarly record of this article is published in Studies in Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Research (2021), available online at:
Brand marketing, Dubai, Heritage tourism, Heritage valorization, Qualitative research, Tourism planning
Haq, F., Seraphim, J., & Medhekar, A. (2021). Branding heritage tourism in Dubai: A qualitative study. Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Research, 9(2), 243-267.