Design of intelligent real-time safety supervision system for pension institutions based on LBS

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With the gradual ageing of China's population and the single-child family system becoming the backbone of society, the traditional pension way of relying on children at home not only does not guarantee the quality of life of the elderly, but also brings great pressure to the work and life of young people. The way of relying on pension institutions to provide for the aged is becoming gradually accepted by society. In elderly care institutions, safety supervision systems provide an important link to protect the safety of the elderly, thereby ensuring accurate analysis and supervision of the elderly persons' activity routes and activity rules, and thus allowing an early warning to be given in a dangerous situation. The system realises the real-time positioning and monitoring of the elderly activity track, and can give early warning and timely rescue to the elderly who enter into any dangerous area. The system includes a server monitoring program and mobile APP; ASP.NET Technology to develop the monitoring program; SQL Server 2012 for data storage; and model view controller (MVC) architecture for the APP to improve the efficiency of program development. The supervision program comprises the functions of personnel information management, fence management, positioning service, activity track record, danger warning and rapid rescue. The APP deploys the location-based service (LBS) technology of Android, uses Baidu map API to obtain location information and draw activity track, and stores the information in the mobile phone SQLite database. The APP is installed on mobile phones, bracelets and other devices carried by the elderly and staff, which can record the current position of the person in real-time and simultaneously transmit it to the computer. When the elderly enter into a dangerous area, the system can quickly select the nearest staff and inform them for rescue, so as to ensure the safety of the elderly. After simulation test, the system has now reached the preset function. © 2021 Caili Song et al., published by Sciendo 2021.
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APP, Baidu map, LBS, nursing home
Song, C., Kateb, F., & Aouad, M. (2021). Design of intelligent real-time safety supervision system for pension institutions based on LBS. Applied Mathematics and Nonlinear Sciences,