A real-time gradient aware multi-variable handheld urban scale air quality mapping IoT system

Tariq, Hasan
Abdaoui, Abderrazak
Touati, Farid
Al-Hitmi, Mohammed Abdulla E
Crescini, Damiano
Manouer, Adel Ben
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
In outdoor urban scale air quality mapping, electrochemical sensors warm-up time, cross-sensitivity, geo-location typography, and energy efficiency are major challenges. These challenges lead to real-time gradient anomalies that effect the accuracy and prolonged lags in air quality mapping campaigns for state and environmental/meteorological agencies. In this work, a gradient aware, multi-variable air quality sensing node is proposed with event-triggered sensing based on position, gas magnitudes, and cross-sensitivity interpolation. In this approach, temperature, humidity, pressure, geo-position, photovoltaic power, volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, ozone, Carbon mono-oxide, Nitrogen dioxide, and Sulphur dioxide are the principle variables. Results have shown that the proposed system optimized the real-time air quality mapping for the chosen geo-spatial cluster, i.e. Qatar University. © 2020 IEEE.
This conference paper is not available at CUD collection. The version of scholarly record of this conference paper is published in 2020 IEEE International Conference on Design & Test of Integrated Micro & Nano-Systems (DTS) (2020), available online at: https://doi.org/10.1109/DTS48731.2020.9196131
Air quality, Environmental mapping, Gas sensors, Heterogeneous, IoT, Multi-variable, Air quality, Energy efficiency, Internet of things, Mapping, Nanosensors, Nanosystems, Nitrogen oxides, Photovoltaic cells, Sulfur dioxide, Volatile organic compounds, Cross sensitivity, Event-triggered, Nitrogen dioxides, Particulate Matter, Photovoltaic power, Principle variables, Qatar university, Quality sensing, Multivariable systems
Tariq, H., Abdaoui, A., Touati, F., Al-Hitmi, M. A. E., Crescini, D. & Manouer, A.B. A Real-time Gradient Aware Multi-Variable Handheld Urban Scale Air Quality Mapping IoT System. 2020 IEEE International Conference on Design & Test of Integrated Micro & Nano-Systems (DTS), Hammamet, Tunisia, 2020, pp. 1-5, https://doi.org/10.1109/DTS48731.2020.9196131