Corporate e-learning environment using concept maps : a case study

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Praise Worthy Prize
This research aims to study the possibility of using an innovative and collaborative elearning system to support the corporate workers by presenting the accumulated knowledge in a clear manner. It will present the benefits of using concept maps to represent corporate knowledge in flexible and adaptive form to aid the workers in completing their tasks. The study tackles the technological enablers on one hand; on another hand it suggests an appropriate approach on how effectively adopt concept maps. Our findings are drawn from a review of the electronic learning research, exploring and developing an application based on current technological trends as HTML5, and several guidelines from literature. Our findings guided us to develop a preliminary prototype for a web based application, and defining a suitable approach to go further in building reasonable concept maps. Our goal is to put in hand suggested system architecture to be applied in the Jordanian context for the meantime. © 2013 Praise Worthy Prize S.r.l. - All rights reserved.
This article is not available at CUD collection. The version of scholarly record of this article is published in International Review on Computers and Software (2013), available online at:
Concept maps, Corporate knowledge modeling, Electronic learning, HTML5
Ghatasheh, N. A., Najdawi, A. R., Abu-Faraj, M. M., & Faris, H. (2013). Corporate e-learning environment using concept maps: A case study. International Review on Computers and Software, 8(11), 2655–2662.