Eco-anxiety: A Q method analysis towards eco-anxiety attitudes in the United Arab Emirates

Takshe, Aseel A.
Hashi, Zahra
Mohammed, Marwa
Astari, Annisa
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Humans are witnessing extreme events such as droughts, floods, heat waves, wildfires, and emergence of novel diseases causing unprecedented changes to our planet. These rapid changes coupled with a transparent world that enjoys access to information mean that today’s population is more aware and attentive about the progress of climate change. The purpose of this study is to discover attitudes towards new gained consciousness and the term Eco-anxiety. The American Psychological Association (APA) defines eco-anxiety as a ‘chronic fear of environmental doom’. To investigate this phenomenon, we use Q-methodology to analyse discourses on the topic. Thirty-nine people from four different stakeholder groups were surveyed. Five distinct discourses were generated covering the connection between environmental awareness and psychological well-being, coming to terms with emotional response to climate change, importance of climate change, awareness about eco-anxiety leading to a more positive outlook, and disbelief that eco-anxiety and climate change can affect mental well-being. © 2022 GAPS.
This work is not available in the CUD collection. The version of the scholarly record of this work is published in Journal of Social Work Practice (2022), available online at:
climate anxiety , climate change , Eco-anxiety , eco-psychology , emotional resilience , environmental awareness , sustainability
Takshe, A. A., Hashi, Z., Mohammed, M., & Astari, A. (2022). Eco-anxiety: A Q method analysis towards eco-anxiety attitudes in the united arab emirates. Journal of Social Work Practice, doi:10.1080/02650533.2022.2137120