Phishing detection : a case analysis on classifiers with rules using machine learning

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A typical predictive approach in data mining that produces If-Then knowledge for decision making is rule-based classification. Rule-based classification includes a large number of algorithms that fall under the categories of covering, greedy, rule induction, and associative classification. These approaches have shown promising results due to the simplicity of the models generated and the user's ability to understand, and maintain them. Phishing is one of the emergent online threats in web security domains that necessitates anti-phishing models with rules so users can easily differentiate among website types. This paper critically analyses recent research studies on the use of predictive models with rules for phishing detection, and evaluates the applicability of these approaches on phishing. To accomplish our task, we experimentally evaluate four different rule-based classifiers that belong to greedy, associative classification and rule induction approaches on real phishing datasets and with respect to different evaluation measures. Moreover, we assess the classifiers derived and contrast them with known classic classification algorithms including Bayes Net and Simple Logistics. The aim of the comparison is to determine the pros and cons of predictive models with rules and reveal their actual performance when it comes to detecting phishing activities. The results clearly showed that eDRI, a recently greedy algorithm, not only generates useful models but these are also highly competitive with respect to predictive accuracy as well as runtime when they are employed as anti-phishing tools. © 2017 World Scientific Publishing Co.
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Classification, Data mining, Machine learning, Phishing, Rule-based classifiers, Rules, Website security
Thabtah, F., & Kamalov, F. (2017). Phishing detection: A case analysis on classifiers with rules using machine learning. Journal of Information and Knowledge Management, 16(4).