There’s Always a Plan: Eduplan Case Study

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Case Centre UK
Entrepreneurship has been widely understood as something that involves setting up a business as well as taking financial risks in the hope of generating profit. However, over time the widespread understanding of entrepreneurship has been eventually changed to involve innovation. Entrepreneurship and innovation have gone hand in hand in the fitness industry for majority of the 20th century followed by the full period in the 21st Century. Based on the rapid growth of education sector, the demand for educational resources have drastically changed the lives of people around the world due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic that has transformed the education market. The case of the Eduplan provides students with insights to nascent entrepreneurship in a dynamic and rapidly growing industry to understand and recognize the strategic response to market demand and conditions. The case enables the learner to engage with understanding the enterprising characteristics of an entrepreneur, understand the entrepreneurial motives, and evaluate the impact of environmental factors on a start-up enterprise. Furthermore, the learner can recommend options for growth for the new start-up businesses whilst also recognizing the implications of the proposed suggestions.
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Strategy, Management, Change - innovation, Expansion, United Arab Emirates
Gilani, S., Yasin, N. & Gopidas, G. (2022). There’s Always a Plan: Eduplan Case Study. The Case Centre, Case-Reference no. 822-0042-1.