Shisha - the hazardous pastime : microbial investigation of Shisha apparatus in public cafés in the UAE

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Malaysian Public Health Physicians Association
This study aims to examine the risk of bacterial and fungal transmission through frequent or repeated usage of the same water pipe by different smokers in public café shops. A total of 110 samples were extracted from different parts of used shisha apparatuses. These samples were collected from different cafes in seven cities in the UAE in the time period between Nov. 2016 and Feb. 2017. In all 110 samples, the bacterial and fungal strains were examined at Canadian university Dubai laboratories using standard protocols for culturing, isolating and identifying microorganisms. Later on, the samples were sent to Iranian hospital Dubai to examine the resistance of isolated bacteria to common antibiotics. Statistical analysis was conducted using quantitative data analysis and figures were expressed in percentage for clearer conclusion. Five bacterial strains were detected which are; Pseudomonas putida; Staphylococcus saprophyticus; Micrococcus luteus; Bacillus cereus and Providencia alcalifaciens (See table 2). One of the most important findings of the current study is the isolated bacteria Staphylococcus saprophyticus which showed methicillin resistance. Shisha smoking is a public health issue and could be a carrier of pathogens for smokers. There is a need for further assessments to address the impact of the sharp increase of Shisha smoking among specific populations especially in the Gulf countries (GCC) and among the female segment of society. © Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine 2018.
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Antibiotic sensitivity, Carrier of Pathogen, Pathogens, Public health, Shisha apparatus
Alfoteih, Y., Azizi, S., Khajehkarimoddini, L., Jaber, Z., & Abdullah, S. (2018). Shisha - the hazardous pastime: Microbial investigation of Shisha apparatus in public cafés in the UAE. Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine, 18(2), 101–108.