The Impact of Entrepreneurial Culture on Economy Competitiveness in the Arab Region

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The main emphasis of this study was assessing to what scope entrepreneurial culture among Arab counties affects the overall regional competitiveness of the MENA region. Data from each country were first solely analyzed then grouped by its subsequent trading blocks. An average assertion of the combined data was granted in the bid of assessing any entrepreneurial cultures. The entrepreneurial culture analysis of the countries and regions within the study were based on the time span through which the referenced entrepreneurial activity has been dominant and the education level of stakeholder. Most Arab countries have the same entrepreneurial structure and economic competitiveness despite various external factors affecting them. The results also revealed that the relationship between each country's internal economic competitiveness and the overall posture of the Arab region is positive. Besides, the relationship between dominant entrepreneurial cultures and the overall economic posture of the Arab region is also statistically confirmed. Much of the past studies failed to include and relate the external factors like the growing entrepreneurial cultures among states and regions. Basing conclusions on one region while others could convey disparities was regraded rather impractical. As such, to affirm the validity of conclusions; The relationship between the Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS) and North African countries from one part, and the Association of Southern Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the other Arab countries from another hand, had to be taken into consideration. © 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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Arab region, Economic competitiveness, Entrepreneurial culture, Entrepreneurship, Mena region
Chabani, Z. (2021). The impact of entrepreneurial culture on economy competitiveness in the arab region. Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, 27(1), 1-13.