Sustaining corporate performance through the happy worker influence

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Happy workers tend to be more productive. It would be beneficial for managers to understand what factors tend to predict happiness to assess where the most potentially productive worker pools are located around the world. The current study aims to examine the relationship between multiple factors and happiness. Twelve countries have been selected and data relating to nine different factors of each country have been used to determine the sum impact. All variable factors have been statistically correlated to happiness to predict the factor(s) that could be linked strongly with happiness. An intensive statistical analysis has been used to evaluate the significance of these relations. Our paper concludes that happiness without carbon footprint factor is a more accurate measure of personal happiness. The study will benefit companies and human resource managers to understand the impact of norms and cultural diversity in influencing business operations. Copyright © 2020 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.
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Corporate performance, Cultural differences, Happiness index, print, Happiness index without carbon footprint, Life expectancy, Peace index
Kabene, S., & Baadel, S. (2020). Sustaining corporate performance through the happy worker influence. Journal for Global Business Advancement, 13(4), 469-487.