Entrepreneurial Orientation among SME Wood Manufacturers in Ghana

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This study explores the entrepreneurial orientation of Small and medium size enterprises (SME) wood manufacturers in Ghana. Data for the study was obtained through an in-depth interview with the managers of four sampled wood manufacturers in Accra and Kumasi. Findings from the study indicate a strong relationship between the three dimensions of entrepreneurial orientation and competitive advantage in the furniture industry in Ghana. The study concludes that SME wood manufacturers in Ghana are entrepreneurial – i.e. innovative, risk taking and proactive. However, considering that the market is dynamic the study recommends that firms in this industry should constantly update existing competencies and seek new competencies, in order to have a sustained competitive advantage as well as profitability and growth. This paper evaluates entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance among small and medium enterprises from a developing country perspective. © 2014 Adonis and Abbey Publishers Ltd. All rights reserved.
This article is not available at CUD collection. The version of scholarly record of this paper is published in African Journal of Business and Economic Research (2014), available online at: https://hdl.handle.net/10520/EJC165024
Entrepreneurial Orientation, Ghana, SME Wood Manufacturers
Ibrahim, M., & Madichie, N. O. (2014). Entrepreneurial orientation among SME wood manufacturers in ghana. African Journal of Business and Economic Research, 9(2-3), 87-115. https://hdl.handle.net/10520/EJC165024