Environmentally powered multiparametric wireless sensor node for air quality diagnostic

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M Y U Scientific Publishing Division
Sensor networks dedicated to environmental monitoring have helped in the analysis of primal processes and have also provided vital hazard early warnings. At the same time, environmental energy is now becoming a popular workable energy source dedicated to embedded and wireless computing systems where manual recharging and/or replacement of hundreds or even thousands of batteries on a regular basis is not practical. In this paper, we present a sensor node (SENNO), a multiparametric sensor node that intelligently manages energy transfer for perpetual operation without human intervention during air quality monitoring. The overall system design and experimental results are presented together with energy budget allocation. Preliminary results demonstrate that, after a tailored calibration process, the presented platform could effectively report and trace air quality levels in a type of "set and forget" scenario.
This article is not available at CUD collection. The version of scholarly record of this Article is published in Sensors and Materials (2015), available online at: https://myukk.org/SM2017/article.php?ss=1056.
Electrochemical sensors, Environmental monitoring, Piezoelectric harvesting, Power harvesting, Sensor networks, Air quality, Budget control, Embedded systems, Energy transfer, Environmental engineering, Sensor networks, Air quality monitoring, Calibration process, Environmental energy, Environmental Monitoring, Multiparametric sensors, Power harvesting, Wireless computing systems, Wireless sensor node, Sensor nodes
Touati, F., Legena, C., Galli, A., Crescini, D., Crescini, P., & Ben Mnaouer, A. (2015). Environmentally powered multiparametric wireless sensor node for air quality diagnostic. Sensors and Materials, 27(2), 177–189. https://myukk.org/SM2017/article.php?ss=1056