What had financial crises taught us about the past?

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Faculty of Economics and Administration
This special issue of Institutions and Economies marks one of the many achievements of the 5th International Conference on Finance and Economics (ICFE 2018). The five original researches, after undergoing several rounds of rigorous review and revision, address the main theme of the ICFE2018, viz. current trends in accounting, finance and economics around the world. This special issue addresses the question: “What have financial crises taught us?” In exploring the depth of this question, for this special issue, we sought a broad array of manuscripts that examined multifaceted lessons learned from past financial crises, ranging from the macro to micro perspectives.
This article is not available at CUD collection. The version of scholarly record of this article is published in Institutions and Economies (2020), available online at: https://ijie.um.edu.my/article/view/26882
Kweh, Q.L., & Ting, I.W.K. (2020). What had financial crises taught us about the past?. Institutions And Economies, 12(4), 1-2. https://ijie.um.edu.my/article/view/26882