Benchmarking in Vietnam universities : teaching and research and revenue efficiencies

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Assessing university resource allocation or misallocation is necessary to understand its impact on research and teaching productivity. To achieve this insight, this study conducts a two-stage data envelopment analysis to judge the “teaching and research efficiency” and “revenue efficiency” of 61 universities in Vietnam. We analyze what variables have the most effect on the efficiencies of the universities through improving results. Moreover, this research applies scale elasticity to distinguish the benchmark performance leader among Vietnam universities. Results indicate that universities are more efficient in terms of “revenue efficiency” than “teaching and research efficiency.” The scale elasticity decomposition findings show that multidisciplinary universities perform better than those specializing in science and technology and social science and economics. Finally, the competitive map to performance advancement strategies is exhibited. This map helps the university management to enhance their efficiencies. © 2020, Education Research Institute, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.
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Data envelopment analysis, Revenue efficiency, Scale elasticity, Teaching and research efficiency, Universities
Tran, P. P., Kuo-Cheng, K., Wen-Min, L., & Kweh, Q. L. (2020). Benchmarking in Vietnam universities: teaching and research and revenue efficiencies. Asia Pacific Education Review, 21(2), 197-209.