Semantic thingsourcing for the Internet of Things

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In the context of Internet of Things, thingsourcing is poised to promote the collective behavior that should prevail among things despite their independent nature being confined into silos. By analogy with crowdsourcing where crowds of (sometimes anonymous) people are contacted for their expertise, thingsourcing abstracts crowds of things and provides the necessary mechanisms for composing things together so they collectively satisfy users' demands. However, to ensure successful discovery of things according to these demands' requirements, an ontology-based semantic description of things is deemed necessary. This article presents an approach for enriching things' descriptions semantically in preparation for their composition with respect to specific scripts that define who will do what, when, and where. A system demonstrating semantic thingsourcing along with a case study about dairy supply-chain is presented in this article as well. © 2021 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
This article is not available at CUD collection. The version of scholarly record of this article is published in Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience (2021), available online at:
crowdsourcing, discovery, Internet of Things, ontology, thingsourcing
Maamar, Z., Faci, N., Elnaffar, S., Yahya, F., Boukadi, K., & Benslimane, D. (2021). Semantic thingsourcing for the internet of things. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience,