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  • Rekik, Siwar; Selouani, Sid-Ahmed; Guerchi, Driss; Hamam, Habib (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2012)
    Hiding a secret message in speech signal, called steganography, is used to provide secure communication. The detection of hidden information in the transmitted message called steganalysis. The purpose of steganalysis is ...
  • Guerchi, Driss; Mohamed, Emad Eldin (Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2012)
    This paper proposes a new speech steganography system for secure sound massages sharing. This system exploits the advancements in speech processing to hide efficiently secret speech in narrowband cover speech. Linear ...
  • Rekik, Siwar; Guerchi, Driss; Selouani, Sid-Ahmed; Hamam, Habib (Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2012)
    A new method to secure speech communication using the discrete wavelet transforms (DWT) and the fast Fourier transform is presented in this article. In the first phase of the hiding technique, we separate the speech ...



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