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  • Leung, Ho Hon (World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2014)
    Let G be a compact connected Lie group with a maximal torus T. Let A, B be G-C*-algebras. We define certain divided difference operators on Kasparov's T-equivariant KK-group KKT(A, B) and show that KK G(A, B) is a direct ...
  • Leung, Ho Hon (TUBITAK, 2014)
    If there exists a set of canonical classes on a compact Hamiltonian-T -space in the sense of R Goldin and S Tolman, we derive some formulas for certain equivariant structure constants in terms of other equivariant structure ...
  • Kamalov, Firuz; Leung, Ho Hon (Hikari Ltd., 2014)
    In this note we introduce an alternative denition of Property T for C * -algebras based on the spectrum of a C * -algebra. We show that a group G has Property T if and only if C * r (G) has Property T. In addition, we ...
  • Leung, Ho Hon; Kamalov, Firuz (Hikari Ltd., 2016)
    The receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve is a useful graph-ical tool for analyzing the performance of a binary classifier. The area under the ROC curve (AUC) is a scalar measure of the classifier's per-formance. ...



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