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    Radioactive source search problem and optimisation model based on meta-heuristic algorithm
    (Sciendo, 2022) Zhang, Min ; Lu, Xuewen ; Hoffman, Ettiene ; Kharabsheh, Radwan ; Xiao, Qianghua
    In the process of rational development and utilisation of nuclear energy, people often face nuclear accidents such as lost and stolen radioactive sources; so, the means of searching for these sources quickly in highly radioactive environments is an important security challenge. In the past, these jobs were limited to workers specialising in nuclear technology. They used gamma-ray detection equipment to search for radioactive sources, but the search efficiency was low. The main purpose of this article is to design a meta-heuristic algorithm based on imitating professional technicians to locate radioactive sources in a computer-aided manner. At the same time, due to the complexity that may characterise the actual search, the search strategy must be optimised. The article established an intelligent random search model with human thinking. Finally, it was proved based on the mathematical theory that the complexity of the model search algorithm is linear, and the simulation experiment results show that the optimisation algorithm has good efficiency and fault tolerance. © 2021 Min Zhang et al., published by Sciendo 2021.
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    Adopting Business Analytics to Leverage Enterprise Data Assets
    (Springer Science and Business Media B.V., 2017) Djerdjouri, Mohamed ; Mehailia, Abdelghani
    In today’s rapidly changing business environment, advances in information and communication technologies are happening at a very fast pace. As a result, firms are under constant pressure to quickly adapt, be competitive, and identify new business opportunities. Also, the amount of data collected by organizations today is growing at an exponential rate and includes structured as well as new types of large and real-time data across a broad range of industries such as streaming, geospatial, social media, or sensor-generated data. Enterprise data have become an invaluable strategic asset. Many organizations are using modern Business Analytics (BA) to extract new insights and the maximum possible value from these data assets, which will enable them to make timely and accurate decisions. In this paper, we briefly describe business analytics and discuss how leading world class organizations are adopting it and the technology environments that make it relatively easy and inexpensive and, the subsequent competitive benefits they have achieved. In addition, we will report some findings from surveys of executives, managers, and professionals across industries about the use of analytics in their organizations, done recently by IBM, SAS, MIT, and Gartner. Also, we will briefly address the organizational, cultural, and technological challenges faced by organizations embracing business analytics. Finally, we will discuss the unique obstacles and challenges encountered by firms in developing countries with the goal of raising awareness of organizations in the MENA region not only about these impediments but also about the benefits of these technologies and the crucial role they play in the survival and competitiveness of the firm in the complex and turbulent global market. © 2017, Springer International Publishing Switzerland.
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    Implementing a Mass Customization Business Model in the Health Industry
    (Springer Science and Business Media B.V., 2017) Poulin, Marc
    The healthcare industry is undergoing many challenges due to rising costs, lower governmental support, and ineffectiveness of many treatments. One popular approach to address these issues is the P4 vision where prevention and patient participation is paramount. To implement these newer approaches, there are business process challenges in order to control costs and offer the new personalized approach. The mass customization business model has been successful in offering various levels of personalization with costs and delivery delays similar to mass production. Although it has been researched and implemented for the manufacturing industry, research has shown potential in the service industry. This article presents a business model founded on mass customization to address certain challenges in the health industry. The article discusses the issues and presents an approach to remedy the problems. The business model is demonstrated through an actual global health company head quartered in Dubai. © 2017, Springer International Publishing Switzerland.
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    Relationship Between Working Capital Management and Profitability: A Case of Tabreed (National Central Cooling Company PJSC)
    (Springer Science and Business Media B.V., 2017) Venkatachalam, R.
    Working capital management is a function of management to decide the optimum level of the various items of working capital. Though the current assets do not help increasing productivity, they are very much important in carrying a successful business. Too much of working capital may lead to idle current assets and increase carrying cost of current assets and it reduces the profit. On the other hand, if too low working capital is maintained the business faces liquidity risk and may lead to bankruptcy. This study aims to investigate the relationship between profitability and the various components of current assets of Tabreed. Pearson simple correlation technique and multiple regression analysis were employed. The study showed that working capital turnover ratio, cash turnover ratio and debtors turnover ratio have positive association with return on investment and other ratios such as current ratio, quick ratio, current assets-to-total assets ratio, current assets-to-sales ratio, and inventory turnover ratio have negative association with profitability. © 2017, Springer International Publishing Switzerland.
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    Building a World that Works for Tomorrow: General Electric's Integrated Approach to Leading with Integrity
    (Case Centre UK, 2022) Sergio, Rommel
    This case study looks into the integrated approach of General Electric (GE) in leading with integrity. Specifically, the case highlights GE's corporate social responsibility and ethical practices. The company leads by example, and integrity is woven into everything it does as part of the business, including safeguarding its people and taking care of the environment. As a high-tech industrial company, GE's operations impact the environment one way or another; thus, it is worth looking at how the company ensures that it is minimizing that impact. Furthermore, the case examines various initiatives of GE to invest in its people, reduce the impact on the environment, and innovate to build better tomorrow for healthcare and aviation.